According to Safe Kids USA, drowning is a quick and silent killer. In the time it takes to:
…cross the room for a towel (10 seconds), a child in the bathtub can become submerged.
…answer the phone (2 minutes), that child can lose consciousness.
…sign for a package at your front door (4 to 6 minutes), a child submerged in the bathtub or pool can sustain permanent brain damage.
Despite a 40 percent decline since 1987, drowning is still the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death to children ages 1 to 14, taking more than 900 children’s lives each year. For every child who drowns, four more are hospitalized for near-drowning; for every hospital admission, approximately four children are treated in hospital emergency rooms.

Red Cross Swim Safety Guide

National Water Safety Program

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